I’ve been sharing songs with my english speaking friends. My english sucks but I tried my best to translate the lyrics.
If you feel like something can be worded differently, please join me in refining the lyrics translation!! 😀
Special thanks to Bryan, Cindy, and Kevin for helping me refine the translation!
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作詞:阿沁/承濬 作曲:阿沁 編曲:陳飛午
我討厭 陰天的風 冷的那麼刺痛 只有你 能夠撫平所有的寂寞
昨天的風箏在角落 被誰丟到了路口 我很不想讓你 找到離開的理由

*每一夜 閉上眼睛 我看到了惡夢 你微笑 但是旁邊的人不是我
 天空切開一道裂縫 直接割到我心中 不想裝作脆弱 也不想愛的懦弱

#其實我非常愛你 不想失去你 難道我沒有權利說我不願意
 你給了他的吻 雖然只有餘溫 可知道我多渴望抓住你的心

△我知道他很愛你 你怕他傷心 我每天假裝開心 害怕你離去
 可不可以任性 求求你不要去 藏在我心裡 最後一句 其實還愛你


I am still in Love with you.


I hate the cold wind on a cloudy day that cuts me inside.

As so, my loneliness only you can soothe.

The kite from yesterday, discarded in the corner.

Where is our happy memories?

I really don’t want you to find a reason to leave (I wish you’d have no reason to leave me).


Every night when I close my eyes I have a nightmare.

You are smiling, but I am not the one by your side.

My heart got pierced open by the thunder piercing the sky.

I don’t want to be so frail and I don’t want to love without courage. (sorry this one is really hard to translate, I tried my best!)


I am still in love with you and I don’t want to lose you.

Was even my right to say this removed from me?

Even though the kiss you gave him was only leftover warmth,

Do you know how much I hope to capture your heart?


I know he loves you so much and you don’t want to break his heart,

So I pretend I am happy everyday while worrying that you are leaving me.

Can I be wilful once and ask you not to leave.

Hiding at the bottom of my heart, the last words, “I am still in love with you”.